When You Would Like to Become a Moving Cycle Teacher

Prerequisite: Advanced Practitioner status

Teacher Training - Between 115 & 190 hours

Two Advanced Topic Courses – 25 hours each, 50 total hours

At least one course should be a Research & Supervision course

Teaching & Learning Course – 25 hours

In many ways, wellbeing can be seen as related to our ability to learn. Whether it is in therapeutic, educational, or personal contexts, learning ensures our adaptability, our openness to new experiences, and our problem-solving skills. We typically think of learning as a largely cognitive phenomenon, but our bodies constantly need to learn as well. This course will explore, in a cross-disciplinary way, how we can use body-based learning as a means of expanding our ability to take in, digest, and make use of new experiences, and apply this to our healing, our education, our relationships, and our ability to self-reflect. In addition, we will practice both formal and informal teaching techniques within the framework of the Moving Cycle.

Assisting in Practitioner Trainings – Between 25 and 100 hours

Trainees will first assist in any course they might want to subsequently teach.


Ten hours of supervision of your teaching, done with a Moving Cycle Teacher