When You Would Like to Become an Advanced Moving Cycle Practitioner

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Moving Cycle Practitioner Training

Advanced Training – 100 hours in four 4-day Courses plus 10 hours of supervision

Four Advanced Topics Courses - 25 hours each

At least once a year an Advanced Topic will be taught, where a subject will be chosen by Christine and the senior teachers and taught through the lens of Moving Cycle theory and practice. Examples of previous Advanced course topics: Creativity, Sexuality, Birth and Death, Addiction, Contemplative Practice, and Early Movement Patterns. Advanced Topics courses also include a periodic Research and Supervision Laboratory.

Supervision - 10 Hours

Each practitioner will arrange for 10 hours of supervision during the two years it typically takes to complete the Advanced Training. This could be a local intervision or supervision group, in-person individual sessions, video conference, or a combination of these forms. All one-on-one supervision must be with a Moving Cycle teacher. Supervision groups must be composed of Moving Cycle practitioners and lead by a Moving Cycle teacher. Intervision groups must also be composed of advanced practitioners or those who are working towards advanced status. During the course of supervision, a Moving Cycle teacher must witness two sessions, either in person or via video, and give feedback.