Qualifications for the Training Program

  • There are no pre-requisites for Introduction courses
  • People entering the basic training program (Phases 1 through 4) are expected to have a college degree, and to be psychologically stable and emotionally mature. Because we train artists, educators & body workers as well as therapists, it is helpful for all participants to have at least a basic understanding of psychology principles, as well as human anatomy and physiology. Generally, courses are comprised of about ¾ psychotherapists and ¼ non-therapists. Please contact us if you have any questions about your qualifications for training.
  • The training sequence works best when the Phases are taken in order, 1 through 4. Occasionally, trainees can take Phase 4 before they take Phase 3. Certification as a Moving Cycle Practitioner occurs at the end of all four phases of training.
  • Please see the training description pages for the requirements for Advanced Practitioner and Trainer status.

Educational Policies

  • While every effort is made to assist trainees to be successful in the training program, the Moving Cycle Institute reserves the right to suspend the program for any trainee who is endangering themselves or others, or is not able to work with the challenges of learning the material and the skills.
  • Occasionally, circumstances arise that cause the trainee to miss class time. Trainees are permitted to miss two hours of training in any 25 hour course. If more than 2 hours are missed, the trainee will not pass that course until they make up the day/s that were missed. The trainee can wait until the course is offered again, or they can privately hire a trainer to supply the missing material, at their own expense. If the trainee waits for the next scheduled offering of that course, they can sign up for one or more of the relevant training days missed, at half price.
  • While every effort will be made to ensure the security and safety of all course participants, the Moving Cycle Institute, as well as the Institute’s teachers and organizers, are not responsible for any loss, theft, accidents or damages during courses.