Moving Cycle Institite

The Moving Cycle Institute works to promote the understanding of movement as it relates to our health, wellbeing, and conscious evolution, and to promote movement-based practices that bring these into being. To serve this purpose, the Moving Cycle Institute (MCI) specializes in three areas.

First, we offer individual, couples, and group counseling. These sessions work therapeutically and creatively to recover flexibility and choice in ones physical structure, emotional life, thinking, and connection with all life.

Second, the Institute presents workshops and classes in various areas of interest, such as addictions recovery, play and pleasure, and birth and death issues.

Finally, the MCI trains people through its Apprenticeship Program, emphasizing the theory and skills of movement as they apply to ones chosen field.

The members of the Institute teach and promote movement on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual levels, and so serve people who would like to develop in any of these areas. People who tend to find this work the most useful are therapists, counselors, educators, bodyworkers, artists, and scientists.